Sunday, 6 January 2013

To All Ye Feeling Like A Stripper!

Yes, life can become so busted.People at anytime can use you without you knowing

And even if you do, the strike of pain is concealed by pleasure

None of us is born to be liked by every dust on earth.So go, have fun.Everyone of us is destined to meet the star - our very own STAR.

Yes, you can become like a prostitute,

Used at anytime and at any place:For their pleasure and for their lust.They find in you the pleasure of their own heaven, them,Lusting to get their star. Wishing, hoping they see it in you.

You may feel buried under the crust from where they're standing

You may feel the shame of being humbled

But LOVE is more powerful than anything else in this world.You must love yourself.

Respect LOVE.Respect YOURSELF.

Yes, they may laugh. Just laugh with them. And face them.

You'll have your star.

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